… is not about ‘happiness’ or ‘wellbeing’ in the traditional sense of the words. KAN focuses instead on dealing more productively with reality – whatever that reality maybe.

25 years ago someone once said to me ‘Kate, you’re never happy unless you’re miserable’.

It stung like a vicious barb. But in a way they were right.

There was no real reason for me to be unhappy. I was relatively successful, had some great friends, but constantly felt that something was lacking.

So I spent far too much of my 20s and 30s wondering why I couldn’t be happy, then much of my 40s researching that why.

Now I am in my 50s I am in a position where I want to share what I believe to be the strength that lies within us all.

The world is a funny place at the moment. 24 hour rolling news and social media keep us hooked into its tight grip of doom scrolling and paranoia.

Our lives have been focussed so much on all those things that we ‘CAN’T’ do, that getting back to that point when we feel as though we CAN do and achieve anything is scary and unnerving.

But we CAN do so much more than we give ourselves credit for, and sometimes it takes someone else to point out the glaringly obvious.

So next time you hit that brick wall, don’t keep banging your head against it. Step away and focus on another way.