… is seeking to change the way we talk about mental health at home and in the workplace.

Kate Ashley-Norman is the creator of the KAN Approach to Employee Mental Wellbeing, the KANapp for workplace wellbeing, and host of The Mental Health Revolution podcast. A passionate speaker and trainer, Kate is seeking to change the nature and tone of the conversation around mental health both at home, and in the workplace.

“For me EVERYday is mental health day. It is NOT something that we should just dip in and out of whenever the current trends and hashtags dictate it. MASSIVE changes are needed on a societal level, on a governmental level, on a global level, for mental health to diminish in conversation because ultimately, if we no longer need to talk about it, it’s because it is no longer a problem.

“We spend so much of our lives at work – what better place to start revolutionising the way we deal with our mental health. Not only can organisations make a significant impact on the emotional (and ultimately physical) wellbeing of their employees. The changes that they instil at work will seep seamlessley into each and every employee’s home and family life – engendering a positive, can-do, powerful attitude towards life and living!

“Together we need to DEMOCRATISE, DE-MEDICALISE, DESTIGMATISE AND DEMYSTIFY mental health for the 21st century and beyond.

“We need to DISRUPT mental health as we know it today.”