No one can deny that we need to have a revolution in the way mental health is both viewed and treated in the world today. And we need to have an informed, balanced, debate on how best to achieve this. The Mental Health Revolution Podcast wants to bring these issues out to the world in an accessible, easy to understand manner. It is after all the man and woman on the street who is affected on a day to day basis, and currently their welfare is being compromised by a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation.

For full disclosure….. I have never had depression. I am not a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, nor counsellor, nor any other kind of medical profession. I am a normal woman who has a passion for understanding mental health. I believe that the medicalisation of many mental health ‘disorders’ over the last few decades has actively contributed to the explosion of mental health problems in the 21st century, prolonging the suffering of many, and dare I say it even making it worse! I have launched the Mental Health Revolution because I want to start that difficult conversation which aims at democratising mental health – putting it back into the hands of each and every individual.

For the last eight years I have been immersing myself in a world of emotions and mental health, trying to understand what it is that drives us, excites us, drags us down, challenges us, frightens us… I have met and worked with some incredible people, helped some hugely successful business owners, and worked on my own emotional wellbeing.

I do have a story, but this journey is not about me. It is about you, and the people in your family. It is about the people you work with, and the people you work for, and the people who work for you. It is about the professionals who work in the system, and those who try to buck the system. It is about your children, and their children, and you as children, and your parents, and even their parents. It is about your teachers, and school kids, and the immense pressures we put each and everyone under every summer during exam times.

So I do believe that I am as well placed as anyone to ask some pretty tough questions about why, in the UK alone, 64 million prescriptions were written for antidepressants – 18,000 of those were for children aged under 12. Why? Why were these kids not taken to one side and gently taught about belief systems, and self esteem, and positive thinking.

Something somewhere is going wrong.

Join me in this journey to try and take back control of our mental health – help me to destigmatise it, demystify it, demedicalise it. Let’s see if we can aim at reducing the number of antidepressants we use , and take back the power we need to better manage our own personal psychological foundations.

Interviewing founder of Kiddicare and millionaire property developer Neville Wright

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