How Ben Overcame Two Decades of Depression in Just a Few Weeks

In this episode Kate is in discussion with Ben Hervey Murray who undertook a range of therapies and medication over a period of years to address his depression. All he gained were feelings or desperation and hopelessness until he sought a different solution and completed the Thrive program. Listen in to hear his fascinating accountRead More

Helping Employee Mental Health in helping Customer Mental Health

The very nature of Kiddicare’s customer base meant that employees were often faced with the trauma of post natal depression. Mental Health training for his employees was a crucial part of his employees’ overall training as early as the 70s and 80s. Founder Neville Wrigth talks through some of his experiences. Please follow and likeRead More

You CAN beat depression in just two weeks!

Many, especially those suffering, may scoff at Kate’s claim to be able to reduce the effects of depression within two weeks, but Kate is willing to make a bold statement. The Thrive Programme can absolutely help anyone through depression if they stick to her plan. And the effects will be noticeable within two to three weeks.Read More

OCD & intrusive thoughts – interview with entrepreneur John Clarke

‘I had a burning desire to get the message out there’ John Clarke talks to Kate about his journey through alcohol, drugs, prison and OCD to successful business owner and mentor. In this candid interview, John shares his experiences and reflects on the many experiences that he has successfully used as drivers for both personalRead More

Reasons behind the doubling of antidepressant consumption

According to NHS Digital, in 2018, 70.9 million prescriptions for antidepressants were given out. It has increased significantly from the 2017’s record of 67.5 million. And to put more perspective into this horror, 10 years before that, in 2008, the number was just 36 million. In my latest episode of the Mental Health Revolution podcast,Read More

From Victim, to Survivor, to Fighter for Feminine Power! Relationship Expert Lyn Smith

In this episode of the Mental Health Revolution Podcast, Kate talks to Lyn Smith A.K.A. The Queen of Hearts, about her career, her passion for helping others, and her personal stories that significantly made her what she is today. Lyn shares today the emotional and traumatic experiences she has to go through since he wasRead More