Electric Shocks and Drugs reduced Jean to a Zombie

In this episode of the Mental Health Revolution Podcast, Jean Davison tells of the disturbing chain of events that unfolded when, as a teenager, she became a ‘voluntary’ patient in the psychiatric system (1968-1974). Heavy drugs and electric shock treatment reduced her to a zombie. Years later, she found she had been given a ‘schizophrenia’ diagnosis immediately on entering the system.

Since ‘jumping out of the net’, she married, and while working full-time as a medical secretary, she studied at evening classes, gaining a 1st class degree in combined studies (psychology and literature) and, later, an advanced certificate in counselling skills. After twelve years as a mental health support worker and trainer for Mind, she is now enjoying devoting much of her time to her childhood ambition of becoming a writer.

Her memoir ‘The Dark Threads’ (published by Headline Accent) can be purchased through Amazon or good bookshops.

Jean Davison, Author ‘The Dark Threads’

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