Advocating education as the future of mental health support in the workplace

Training, not therapy, is the way forward in tackling mental health in the workplace. Here’s why……

  • Wellbeing is important to your company, but you want something that is more than a box-ticking, lip-service paying activity. You want a real solution that tackles the deep-seated issues and stigmas. You seek more than just resilience. You want true grit.
  • You understand that fundamentally your company IS your employees. You want the very best for them, you want them to feel empowered, capable and confident in every aspect of their lives. You know that to succeed in a highly competitive environment, your employees are fighting on the front line, and need to be strong, resilient and unshakeable.
  • You already work in a high stress environment. Personnel discord is at odds with the synchronicity you require to effectively carry out your professional proposition.
  • Major structural changes are happening in your workplace. Restructuring, new people coming in, redundancies, external events such as Brexit – an atmosphere of fear and distrust is never far away.
  • Absenteeism due to mental health issues is on the rise. Not only do you feel the responsibility to help those who are already suffering – you want to prevent it happening to others in the first place. You need to future proof your workforce while still encouraging the best possible performance from them.

A thriving organisation is one in which people aren’t just satisfied and productive, they are actively engaged in creating the future – both the organisation’s and their own. Across industries and job types, peer comparisons show thriving people perform 16% better, and experience 125% less burnout. They are 32% more committed to the organisation and 46% more satisfied with their jobs. They have fewer days off, go to the doctor fewer times, take better care of their health and are significantly less prone to stress, anxiety and depression.

Thriving people are not merely living day to day being ‘okay’ – when a person is thriving they are living live to the full. They have the knowhow to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the self insight and cognitive skills to overcome or avoid developing stress related symptoms such as anxiety, phobias and depression. Thriving people have high self esteem, social confidence and self efficacy – they feel powerful and in control of their work and lives.

Our training programme is the result of helping thousands of people overcome a wide range of debilitating mental health issues – people who have all gone on to thrive in their lives, personally and professionally.

Using our knowledge and skills in teaching people to thrive, we have been able to bring empowerment, success and happiness to so many different people from different organisations the world over.

The programme content, delivery and application has resonated with every single person we have ever worked with, from the boardrooms of Britain, to the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa.

The programme is easy to understand, evidence based, and totally empowering.

Everything and anything in the programme is underpinned by years and years of research and scientific study. We don’t just take our own word for it – we seek and challenge everyone else’s!

Remember, we are talking TRAINING, NOT therapy.

For this reason alone, it is probably the only, the most effective, solution available to companies in their bid to tackle the stigma of mental health in the workplace. To put a label to it, the programme is ‘psycho-education’ – we teach you to better know and understand yourself, and others, and give you the tools to overcome the tough bits.

But it is so much more than that – the programme goes deeper, further, higher, than any other wellbeing programme. Its unique approach can be tailored to suit any audience in any setting, to ensure they learn, grasp and retain that knowledge in just a few short hours.