Training & education!

Advocating education as the future of mental wellbeing in the workplace

Training, not therapy, is the way forward in tackling mental wellbeing in the workplace. Here’s why……

  • Wellbeing is important to your company, but you want something that is more than a box-ticking, lip-service paying activity. You want a real solution that tackles the deep-seated issues and stigmas. You seek more than just resilience. You want true grit.
  • You understand that fundamentally your company IS your employees. You want the very best for them, you want them to feel empowered, capable and confident in every aspect of their lives. You know that to succeed in a highly competitive environment, your employees are fighting on the front line, and need to be strong, resilient and unshakeable.
  • You already work in a high stress environment. Personnel discord is at odds with the synchronicity you require to effectively carry out your professional proposition.
  • Major structural changes are happening in your workplace. Restructuring, new people coming in, redundancies, external events such as Brexit – an atmosphere of fear and distrust is never far away.
  • Absenteeism due to mental health issues is on the rise. Not only do you feel the responsibility to help those who are already suffering – you want to prevent it happening to others in the first place. You need to future proof your workforce while still encouraging the best possible performance from them.