Concerns from a psychistric hospital – an anonymous account of working in today’s psychiatric industry

What happens beyond the gates of psychiatric hospitals? In this latest episode of the Mental Health Revolution Podcast, Kate interviews a psychiatric hospital worker, who requested to stay anonymous. Mental institutions are meant to be there to help service users recover from their mental distress. The reality is far from this. Bullying, discrimination, lack ofRead More

Miami based therapist & entrepreneur Jason Wasser

Jason Wasser’s accreditations include licenced marriage and family therapist and certified neuro-emotional technique practitioner, he has worked across sports, TV, business and the corporate world.  “I believe everyone in the world should have a therapist and coach to help them minimise their life stress and maximise their potential.” “I see everything as a relational dynamic, aboutRead More

How growing self awareness will help your relationships!

In this episode, Kate explains how growing your own self-awareness will help and positively change the relationships you have with others.    This insightful podcast provides clear and concise advice about the changes you can make that will help any relationship, tune in to find out what steps you can take now.   BEST MOMENTS  ‘People are always going to judge others’    ‘TryingRead More

Interview with Gary Sidley, author of Tales from the Madhouse

In this episode, Kate interviews Clinical Psychologist and author of Tales from the Madhouse, Gary Sidley. They discuss the alternatives to biomedical psychiatry as ways of responding to human suffering. This fascinating podcast shares the experience and journey that Gary has undertaken and explores the reasons why urgent change is required.

Interview with actress and comedian Susan Earl

In this candid interview, Susan Earl, who has a background in psychology, an interest in self-improvement and a successful career as an actress and comedian talks about her journey. Susan shares with us the experiences of self-improvement and personal development that led her to THRIVE, and how it positively changed her life. ABOUT THE GUESTRead More