Interview with Gary Sidley, author of Tales from the Madhouse

In this episode, Kate interviews Clinical Psychologist and author of Tales from the Madhouse, Gary Sidley. They discuss the alternatives to biomedical psychiatry as ways of responding to human suffering. This fascinating podcast shares the experience and journey that Gary has undertaken and explores the reasons why urgent change is required.

Interview with actress and comedian Susan Earl

In this candid interview, Susan Earl, who has a background in psychology, an interest in self-improvement and a successful career as an actress and comedian talks about her journey. Susan shares with us the experiences of self-improvement and personal development that led her to THRIVE, and how it positively changed her life. ABOUT THE GUESTRead More

Growing Up With a Depressed Parent; Can I Inherit Depression? Interview With Karl Hope

This episode explores the reality of growing up in a family with a depressed parent. Karl provides a candid insight and discusses the impact on his life.   For those people who have any experience of depression within a family this interview will resonant and offer an understanding of how it can shape those within the family. 

Alcoholism and the disempowering nature of rehab

This personal and very powerful account of a journey into alcoholism and the long climb out helps us all gain a better understanding of the attitudes and approaches surrounding the treatment of alcoholism.  Treatments are underfunded and can be difficult to access. In this episode the success of the Thrive programme is explored, and itsRead More

Interview with ex-King Crimson drummer Michael Giles (part 1)

Welcome to The Mental Health Revolution Podcast. In this episode, Kate interviews an English drummer, best known as a co-founder of King Crimson in 1969, Michael Rex Giles. Kate and Michael discuss how predictable and easy it is to understand mental health and why putting mental health into the hands of us all can give everyoneRead More

An internal locus of control will put you on the path to recovery from depression

There’s a distinct polarisation between those that think mental illness is caused by some kind of chemical in-balance and those who see it as a symptom of today’s society. A lot of the time that polarisation comes down to fear. In today’s episode, Kate shares with you some essential knowledge that can help make aRead More

Interview with Marilyn Hawes, CEO & founder of the child grooming charity ‘Freedom From Abuse’

Welcome to The Mental Health Revolution Podcast. In this episode, Kate interviews the founder of an anti-abuse charity, Community Interest Company, Marilyn Hawes. Kate and Marilyn discuss Paedophilia and the effects on mental and physical health. They go on to talk about why people sexually abuse children and attempt to understand the reasons behind it.Read More