Workplace Wellbeing

I have a particular interest in mental health in the workplace.


Because I do not believe most workplace mental health schemes go far enough to truly tackle the effects of poor mental health.

They tend to be only administered once the mind is so broken that only sticking plaster solutions are offered, while waiting for the availability of slow laborious, and often emotionally painful, remedies.

This perpetuates the stigma that surrounds being emotionally fragile at work.

Why is our approach so different?

Because we are creating a mental health revolution in the workplace.

Instead of reacting to situations as they arise, we are enabling employees to take control and prevent them arising in the first place.

We are giving employees the knowledge, skills and tools to overcome their mental stress issues in just a few short weeks, with minimum need for absenteeism.

We are creating a thriving culture and environment in which the whole workforce are working, and speaking, to the same tune.

Our psychological foundations course can get everyone working on an even keel, resolving existing issues, and future-proofing against further discordancy.

The course creates, develops and clarifies the way your team cognitively processes its working practices for a totally harmonious approach – bringing out the very best individual traits for peak performance in everyone.

A thriving workforce ….

  • Better understands stress and anxiety and does not allow itself to succumb to them so deeply.
  • Is more than resilient… does not worry about bouncing back as it does not allow itself to be knocked down in the first place.
  • Makes healthy, empowering choices for itself, and for the future of the company.
  • Takes responsibility, takes a wider perspective on events, has strong, empowering, constructive beliefs.
  • Can always find a solution – dead ends no longer exist.
  • Feels powerful in the face of adversity.
  • Works together more harmoniously, using a common language which encourages a thriving and empowering mentality.
  • Is mentally strong with deep seated psychological foundations.
  • Increases its own productivity through more active and long-term engagement, coping with the downs with positivity and energy as well as capitalising on the ups!

If you would like a no obligation chat about how to tackle mental health in your workplace give me a call direct on 07904 345354, or email me on, and we can set something up.