As we address the skills shortage in the industry, and work towards the development of a new fenestration loving generation, don’t forget that old adage, ‘prevention is better than the cure’ – or in other words, make sure you are looking after those who are already in your employ. You want to retain your most valuable asset, and add value to those who are still growing.

Here are five ways you can massively improve current employee retention rates.


Too often we get so caught up in the day to day pressures of running a business that we forget to listen – and I mean really listen. I’m not talking about the every day moans and groans, but listening to the issues behind those every day moans and groans.

If there is general discontent in your workplace, then there is usually something of substance behind it. It may not be immediately visible, but active listening – as much as to what IS NOT said as to what is said, will help you get in front of the curve, and root out any issues before they become too embedded.


Having a sense of purpose is one of the most essential elements of an individual’s overall wellbeing. A sense of purpose, even in the most traumatic and dire circumstances, can provide the energy and anchors needed to weather turbulent storms. Once that sense of purpose is gone, one can be left rudderless and vulnerable.

Terry Waite, was released 30 years ago from 1,763 days of captivity where he was chained to a wall in isolation for 23 hours and 50 minutes a day. He says: “I recognised that I still had life, and although it was very limited, I was still able to live as fully as possible.”

Admiral Jim Stockdale of the US army was imprisoned for eight years in a war camp during the Vietnam war. He was tortured over 20 times during this time, was kept in solitary isolation, had limbs dislocated. Notwithstanding he took on the burden of command to ensure his fellow inmates kept their spirits up (as much as possible when you have no end in sight.) This was his sense of purpose. It ensured that he emerged from this trauma psychologically intact.

Extreme examples I know, but illustrative of the power of that sense of purpose.


Despite the plethora of communication methods available to us all today, are you able to effectively communicate with your workforce. You don’t have to be a global corporation to implement a good internal communications strategy – but a simple, regular, structured approach will help develop a greater sense of belonging, ownership and purpose in every organisation.


Linked to that sense of purpose and responsibility, is the innate human desire to move forward. There will always be a proportion of your workforce who prefer to stay within their comfort zone, perform a function, clock in and clock out. And they have their value. But if your business is to truly thrive, you need to encourage a constant stream of new energies, information and ideas flowing throughout every department.

As well as the skills required to perform their role, mindset and resilience training contributes significantly to the overall ‘can do’ attitude of an employee – an attitude that will empower that individual to increase their own confidence and sense of achievement.


Every high street name out there is vying to give your employees discounts and cash backs – and the benefits to them could actually amount to hundreds, if not 1000s, every year.

Discounts and cash back schemes are being offered from supermarkets, mobile phone companies, restaurants, even home appliance suppliers – a good benefits package will be a brilliant investment that will be positively felt in both your own packets, and that of your employees.

And with local GP surgeries becoming more and more inaccessible, services such as LimeBee are including immediate access to a doctor 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, for your employee and their immediate family.

For more information on employee retention please contact Kate Ashley-Norman on 07904 345354.

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