Has Covid broken your balls?

You would have thought the big corporates had it sussed wouldn’t you – even during these covid times.

But what I heard recently shocked me.

A close friend was telling me about her sister. She was, in her words, a bit of a financial ball breaker, used to dealing in multi million pound deals.

Since covid kicked in, she’s been working from home, and the isolation is making her begin to second guess her decisions.

Real anxieties are kicking in.

Apparently, before WFH, her employee provided a monthly session with a therapist or anxiety specialist – someone who would coach them through the negative emotions to ensure they keep on top of their game.

Since she’s been working from home – nothing.

The employer completely stopped them.

No emotional support, no mental wellbeing sessions.




And this from a large corporate who is no doubt making billions from the situation.

Now is the time when employers should be doing their utmost to help support their workforce through unsettling times.

At the very least, it’s good PR!!

There are plenty of resources out there.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Yet is does seem to be expendable.

Has your employee whipped the rug from under your feet, emotionally?

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