Individual Coaching & Therapy

I operate a ‘kick up the bum’, ‘give it to me straight, Kate’ approach to helping and supporting people through the ups and downs of life, overcoming addictions and damaging behaviours, and working through difficult emotions.

I don’t wear cardigans.

I swear (when appropriate).

I listen. But when I think you’ve said enough, I stop you talking, and tell you to listen to me!

I understand that this might not seem terribly empathetic. But I can assure you – I like to work the way I do because I am empathetic. I don’t want you to go down rabbit holes that keep leading you round in circles.

I want you to CHANGE FORWARD!

I want to give you options and open roads that will take you forwards.

So whatever your struggles – whether it is mental health issues (depression, anxiety, OCD, weight issues, addictions, damaging behaviours) – or general ‘life blockages’, then come and spend some time with me. I guarantee we’ll get you back onto the right road.

We can work together both face to face and online – or as a hybrid of both.

Kate Ashley-Norman DHyp MIAEBP