KICKstart Emotional Wellbeing

Chances are that we will all be entering 2022 with levels of stress and anxiety that are already through the roof.

Main stream news, social media, government proclamations – all have done their utmost to ratchet up the fear and stir the pot of unpredictability.

And it is unpredictability that is the very foundation of so much of our anxiety.

I’m offering 90 minute £99 individual coaching sessions to help you kick start your new year.

During these sessions we will aim to burrow through to the nub of your negative emotions and structure of strategy that will form the foundation fo an emotionally healthier future.

This will help you start the year with a greater clarity of mind, irrespective of what is going on in the outside world.

It will set the tone for you being able to…

  • Dig down deeper into your cognitive reactions and learn new ways of thinking and processing which are much more stable, productive and helpful.
  • Unpick bad habits and damaging, unproductive behaviours and plan out new timetables and schedules to help you build better, more productive habits and behaviours.
  • Identify key areas of your emotional framework which are sabotaging your progress, and rebuild them to create a more robust and beneficial framework which aids, rather than derails, your progress.
  • ‘Put to bed’ past issues and traumas, to help declutter and clarify your cognitive processing skills for better opportunity seeking and decision making.
  • Develop and nurture the different mindsets and mindset skills crucial for your success.
  • Work on past or existing mental health issues (depression, OCD, anxiety, etc) and inoculate against further distress.
  • Overcome the many conflicting emotions that arise, and spin them to your advantage.
  • Empower through loosening your desire for control.
  • Using language to improve emotional resilience, build stronger relationships, and side step conflict.
  • Fire fighting techniques to deploy in the moment while restructuring a solid emotional framework.
  • Deep dive into building confidence, self-esteem, imposter syndrome, ‘fake it til you make it’, power posing, and all other issues relating to that sense of self.

Click here to book and pay for your session. It will first take you to a Stripe payment page, and you will then be directed to the booking page. If you have any problems at all, or if you would like to call and bookwith me direct, then just give me a call on 07904 345354.