Listen to the sizzle – it’s telling you something!

Don’t fear fear. It’s probably saved your bacon several times.

Don’t put a downer on being down either. It’s given you a place to lick your wounds.

Negative emotions get a bit of a raw deal. We run away from them because we don’t like to experience the hurt and the pain.

And like so much in life – if you run away from them too much, they will eventually catch up with you, with often catastrophic consequences.

The world we live in is beautiful and ugly, terrifying and all embracing, light and dark, black and white, and all the things in between. To go from one extreme to another we need to swing backwards and forwards through everything else inbetween.

Sometimes we hang on for dear life, terrified of losing our grip. Other times we scream into the wind with joy.

But always we need to feel the pain as much as the pleasure – it is only in this way that we can truly master our emotions.

When I work with people we investigate

– why you feel the way you feel (and it’s not always why you think)

– why today’s conversations around mental health are not always helpful

– what you need to do to break negative patterns of behaviour and thinking.

– how you can generate so much more energy just by changing the way you think

So if you have been a bit of a slave to your emotions over the years, or if you’re struggling to get through some tough times, a quick chat with me and we can help you gain insight and agency getting to grips with ALL areas of your life.

Here’s that link again – Schedule your call

And I look forward to chatting with you shortly.

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