Miraculous Results… following massive effort!

I wanted to talk about faith today.

And how faith can either open you up to all sorts of possibilities, or close you down to the same.

And this prompted me when I received a testimonials from a recent client of mine.
I’ve copied it here for you…..

The change in this gorgeous girl,in just a few weeks is nothing short of miraculous… if I believed in miracles.

Rather, she has put in so much effort and commitment to changing her way of thinking, and is reaping the benefits!

“For may years I have suffered with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid athritis. One of the many symptoms of these illnesses is being unable to sleep, and never feeling refreshed in the morning if I have managed to sleep. One of the things that amazed me was within the first few days of working with Kate, after following the section on visualisation, was that simply visualising myself sleeping contentedly, awaking refreshed and ready to face the day in a happy, positive way REALLY WORKED, INSTANTLY. That first night I slept and awoke refreshed, and it has continued to work every night since. Such a simple concept! BUT IT WORKS!”

Notice my use of the phrase ‘miraculous’.

Because as we all know, working on changing your mindset is bloody tough, but when the results come through, they can be amazing!

Well, when I put this out on social media, one lady picked up on this immediately and wrote to me: “You lost me at ‘if I believed in miracles’.

You see, she felt offended that I didn’t believe in miracles. But here’s the thing…

Nothing I do is miraculous!

Changes do not happen as a matter of faith. Too often too many people look for them as an easy way out.

Changes happen after sheer bloody hard work and persistence in the face of obstacles (those obstacles usually being created by our own mind).

Changes happen after tried and tested methods are put through their paces.

Tried and tested methods which are developed on the back of solid, empirical evidence.

Each and every day you need to be working towards recognising and overcoming those traps you set yourself. Tiny steps, each day, compounding every week into bigger strides, until you look back and realise that you have taken a massive leap forward!

There is NO element of faith or belief in a higher being (other than yourself!).

I have worked with people of many different faiths and beliefs.

And indeed their faith has often deepened for them – but in a very personally empowering way.

Because their own faith in themselves has become stronger.

And that is fantastic, because this is not about brainwashing or control – this is about YOU learning emotional intelligence. This is about YOU understanding why and how you tick, no matter what the world around you is throwing at you.

This is about YOU responding in a way that is empowered, uplifting, positive, engaging, honest, self aware and totally thriving!

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