The truth about stress – with Julie Hogbin

Julie Hogbin has worked with over 20,000 Leaders at every level of Management and Leadership for over 30+ years. The latter years working with CEOs, SMTs, boards of trustees & Entrepreneurs.

She is a Coach, a Mentor, a Trainer, an Author, a property investor, and a public speaker.

In this episode of the Mental Health Revolution in the Workplace, Julie talks extensively about the role of stress, and how it relates to your mental wellbeing, busts a few myths, and gives some brilliant advice on spotting the early signs.

She also goes extensively into what team leaders and line managers should look out for to ensure their team is working in a healthy and productive way.

You can reach Julie Hogbin on all the usual social media channels. Her website is . She is author of the book Stress: The Reality, available on Amazon.

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