I am content in content…

… it is my happy place.

I can offer 35 years of ghostwriting experience – in fact my entire working life has been shaped by words – words which have told stories, sold dreams, reassured, nurtured and educated.

I have written email sequences that have gently nudged people down funnels towards committing 1000s of pounds to investing in their hopes and dreams, encouraging them with an increasing sense of urgency to make that decision and take action!

I have brought to life the most mundane of products, spinning stories around steel box sections, turning the humble door handles into a world of opportunities. The reader has no choice to hop on for the ride.

I’ve been published (under client names) in such eminent titles as Heating & Plumbing Monthly, Professional Builder, Builders Merchants Journal, Urban Landscaper, The Installer, Window Industries, and Housing Association Magazine! Even the Sun has taken my words, stripped them of any dignity, and printed them as if they were its own!

I’ve developed keyword strategies, pulling website pages kicking and screaming up the Google rankings, while remaining true to the tone of voice and turn of phrase.

And speaking of tone of voice, I’m quite the master at developing the right tone, formulating just the right pitch and carrying it across an organisation.