THE LIBERATING EFFECTS OF RESPONSIBILITY – OR… take ownership and live your life regardless

“No one is coming to save me; no one is coming to make life right for me; no one is coming to solve my problems. If I don’t do something, nothing is going to get better.”

The Six Pillars of Self Esteem,
Nathaniel Branden

How often have we seen images of defenceless baby birds waiting, their mouths open, for food to be placed in their tummies.

As part of nature’s circle of life, these fledglings are soon put into a position where they are encouraged onto the edge of the nest, then literally pushed off so that they learn how to fly.

If they don’t start flapping their wings, they’ll soon fall to the ground.

It’s amazing how the survival instinct kicks in.

Because it gets to a stage when the mother bird will no longer save the baby bird – its fly or die.

And that’s nature – every bird for his or herself!

When it comes to us humans, community help and support is a crucial part of our society.

We have evolved to such an extent that we can rely on huge networks to help protect us, support us, take us in.

But the less responsibility we take on our own individual shoulders, the greater that burden on those networks.

The more responsibility we take on our shoulders, the more we can add and build to those networks’

The more responsibility we take on our shoulders, the more we can add and build to those networks and use them to support the truly weak and vulnerable.

Your mental wellbeing is something that you can nurture and underpin with just a few small tweaks.

Changing your perspective by doing something as simple as shifting from one butt cheek to another for a different view, can open up a whole new vision for you – a vision in which you can grasp your life with both hands and bring it completely back under your control.

And that shift can come from something as simple as accepting a greater degree of responsibility, no matter what.

Try it.

It’s easier than you think.

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