Any Soap Opera Fans Here?

I must admit to being a bit of a soap addict.

Most storylines focus on the characters lying to each other, hiding the truth of what they’ve done, manipulating their own actions to shift the blame onto others. It’s always uncomfortable, and the characters are always stressed to the eyeballs, trying to maintain the narrative and manipulate everyone around them.

It makes for good drama, but the reality is that such actions can cause extreme and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Our own lives may seem a bit dull in comparison, but it is a good reminder of how not taking responsibility can lead you down the wrong path.

BUT, taking responsibility can STOP us feeding precious energy into negative situations, and focus instead on finding solutions.

Taking responsibility for you own thoughts, feelings and actions can and will be uncomfortable. But this discomfort is short-lived, and will ultimately liberate you from the stress of avoiding the reality.

When something goes wrong, we look to blame. We believe that finding fault elsewhere will ease the pressure.

But blaming is a backwards action. It might remove part of the burden (temporarily), but it also stops
you from moving forward.

Instead, taking responsibility means that you are automatically more action-oriented. It opens up options, helps you grow stronger and more resilient

Backward looking, keeps you stuck in the
past, blocks you from progressing,
maintains negative energy.

Forward looking, solutions-focussed, puts
you back in the driving seat

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