Give yourself permission to feel a bit sh$*t

You are allowed to be a scared, or worried, or fearful for the future. This is a perfectly normal human reaction to any adversity.

When you are actively building up resilience, the strength comes from working through the negative feelings.

Acknowledging that they are there.

Then taking proactive measures to change them.

What you don’t want to do is actively avoid negative emotions.

When you avoid them, they often feel like they take on their own momentum.

So you spend even more energy avoiding the ever increasing fears.

And eventually all your time is taken up with avoiding facing up to how you are feeling, and you don’t develop the skill and insight that will help you overcome them now, and in the future.

So if you have woken up today feeling a bit shit.

Don’t pretend to feel otherwise.

Give yourself half an hour to stomp around being a bear to everyone in your vicinity.

Allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of not being a perfectly positive person.

Remind yourself how shit it feels to feel like shit.

Then flip that feeling.

And the challenge in doing that is what will make you emotionally and mentally stronger.

So that next time you wake up feeling shit, it gets a little easier to turn it around.

And the next time as well.

Until it becomes intrinsic.

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