Interview with millionaire business owner, property developer and author, Neville Wright

In today’s episode, Kate interviews multi-millionaire business owner, property developer and author, Neville Wright. Kate has always been fascinated with Neville’s story from growing up with dyslexia and leaving school at 15 because of it, to starting Kiddicare, a nursery retailer which he later sold for £70 million.

Kate and Neville discuss mental health and the causation and correlation behind why mental health matters and how we can help ourselves, our employees and others, learn how to deal with mental health issues.

Mental health is nothing to do with being ill, it’s all about learning the skills to thrive. The reason why we have so many mental health issues is that we are tackling it in completely the wrong way. Doctors have been taught to diagnose things in one particular way, but in reality, there are others. Tune in today, to find out more.

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