Employee Mental Health


Sometimes you need to turn what you THINK you know on its head to get a better outcome. We help organisations, business owners and their employees do just that with their approach to mental health.

A recent report by Deloitte highted how a company can get a potential return on investment of up to 9:1 by implementing a broad based wellbeing programme focused on changing overall company culture towards mental wellbeing.So if you want to optimise the resources you currently have in your workforce, the KAN Approach will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Let me start by asking a couple of questions:

  • What role does your workforce play in the future plans of your business.
  • What workforce worry keeps you awake at night?
  • How would it feel if you knew that everyday something was automatically happening within your workforce to help support, educate and empower every individual employee?

A healthy workforce is the result of good communications within an organisation. As much as anything it is a PR function – you want your employees to buy into the idea of looking after themselves, putting in the effort to work smart, contributing to the overall company goals productively, creatively and energetically.

Because the outcome is a workforce that is mentally well and emotionally resilient.

And that is also capable of pushing themselves further to reach their individual potential.

But it’s not easy. You’ve a disparate bunch of people that come from many different walks of life.

Some are enthusiastic, some have traumatic backgrounds, some are real chancers, some won’t want to know. And that’s fine – the KAN App will give real opportunities for those who are keen to put in the effort, while still supporting those less keen as and when they might realise they need the help.

But one things for sure – they ALL have massive potential.

And this is where KAN comes in.

The KAN Approach has been developed to systemise an internal comms approach to mental wellbeing, and beyond, across an entire organisation.

It consists of an evolving platform where employees are encouraged to engage and participate in various check-ins and initiatives, and communication touch points in an almost daily basis.

To the point where growing mental strength becomes an intrinsic part of everyone’s everyday.

This consistent, homogenous approach to LEARNING, ENGAGING & EMPOWERING is delivered on both an individual and collective basis, every single day.

Over time, the compounding effect raises the company as a whole, spiritually and financially.

The benefits for those running the business are significant:

  • A proactive measure towards creating a mentally healthy workplace that ensures you are fulfilling your duty of care.
  • An effective road map towards a workforce that could give you a return on your investment of 9:1.
  • Improved internal comms, contributing towards better internal relationships, and an overall feeling of belonging.
  • Back end analytics, showing individual and overall trends in mood, engagement and participation, ideal for making future policy decisions.

The KAN Approach us an evolving, dynamic way of implementing and embedding a fundamental cultural shift towards an empowering, resilient workforce.

If you would like to chat about how we can help you create a happier, healthier workplace, click here to book a call.