Workplace Wellbeing

The cost of mental health to UK businesses currently stands at around £45 billion per year.

And that’s a pre COVID price that is set to increase quite considerably in the coming years.

Yet research also shows that a long term, deeply committed strategy for tackling mental wellbeing in the workplace can actually give you a return on your investment of nine pounds for every pound invested.

It is our passion to help you achieve this.

Let me ask you this question.

What role does your workforce play in the future plans of your business?

A healthy, well balanced, emotionally intelligent workforce is the result of good communications within an organisation.

In effect, it is a PR function.

You want your workforce to buy into the idea of looking after themselves, and of putting in the effort to work smart, to contribute to the organisation in a way that is productive, creative and energetic.

Because the outcome is a workforce that is both mentally well and emotionally resilient. And it knows how to push itself to reach its full potential.

But it’s not easy.

You have a disparate bunch of people and they’re all coming from different walks of life.

Some are really enthusiastic.

Some come from traumatic backgrounds.

There are those who are real chancers, and there are others who just don’t want to know.

And that’s fine.

The KANapproach will give real opportunities to those who are keen to put in the effort, while still supporting those who are less keen, giving them the help as and when they realise they need it.

But there’s one thing I can guarantee you – every single individual within your workforce has huge potential.

And that’s where the KANapproach comes in. The KANapproach has been developed to systemize an internal communications approach to mental wellbeing and beyond across an entire organisation.

The consistent homogenous approach to learning, engaging and empowering is delivered on a persistent basis every single day.

The compounding effect of doing all these daily activities and training raises a company emotionally, spiritually and in time financially.

Interviewing founder of Kiddicare and millionaire property developer Neville Wright